Because We Believe

HOW faith can drive meaninfull success
We’ve spent every day of our lives trying to succeed without meaning and purpose. Rooted in that experience, Because we believe will help you unlock beliefs that will accelerate everything you never wanted to know about to use faith the unfeeling our newborn creature God calls us to become.
Bruner Nozière
(Mister B)

About The Author

Mr. Nozière is a coach, speaker, and entrepreneur. He lectures at international forums in Canada and Africa on the startup ecosystem and financial emerging technologies such as blockchain. He set up an incubation entrepreneurship program for young people within Groupe3737, which was awarded by the city of Montreal and supported by the Quebec Ministry of Economy, Science, and Innovation. He has worked as a banker in his home country and the Internet company Mediacom as a Senior Accountant. After immigrating to Canada in 2005, he decided to start his own consulting and training business Bruner Canada. He was nominated twice as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008 and 2010. In addition to being an entrepreneur and professor, he recently founded a financial technology firm (Fintech) with his partner Netdollar.
Ambassador of the City of Montreal, Mr. Nozières involved in many philanthropic and volunteer activities. He lectured at the in Hight school and universities to promote entrepreneurship and technology. It acts against school dropout in collaboration with the Association for the Development Research and Innovation Quebec (ADRIQ). He continues to actively coach as a coach and business mentor for young aspiring entrepreneurs in Caribbean startup projects by the Richard Branson Center in Jamaica. He got the recognition of the foreign minister, Paul Arcand for Mission in Africa with the Franco-Quebecois Youth Office(OFQJ).
Nominated lastly Top 75 Immigrants in Canada by Immigrant Magazine. In 2008, Mr. Bruner Nozière received from the Minister of Employment and Solidarity, Sam Hamad, the public award as an entrepreneur by the Société Lavaloise Communautaire d'Emprunt (SOCLE) and the Quebec Community Credit Network (RQCC). He has served on several boards including (Montreal-wifi), the selection committee of the Young Chamber of Metropolitan Commerce and the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Haiti (JCCH).
He has been on radio, TV, and newspaper. He is the author of two e-books: the Business Opportunity Guide and the Capital Raising Guide. Mr. Nozière advocates entrepreneurship and philanthropy, which has allowed him to receive awards and grants to travel to Africa, Europe, and the Middle East by promoting startup entrepreneurship and innovation. Its motto is simple: #LAUGH, #LEARN, # LIVE, # LOVE.
The Path for consciousness
  1. A new endeavor
  2. Your values
  3. Back to the drawing board
  4. The ‘Me, Myself and I’ culture
  5. Business affairs
  6. Our Greatness
  7. The mind homework
  8. Seek for each other
  9. Wake up call
  10. Building a bridge
  11. Finding wisdom
  12. A new mentoring
  13. Seven Lives
  14. World Values
  15. To Everyone their God
  16. Your law is not the Law
  17. Black or white
  18. Nourish hope
  19. Become a living testimony
  20. Meeting Ministers & Presidents
The Path for success
  1. Back to school
  2. Focus call
  3. The Will factor
  4. Embrace mobility
  5. Six figures
  6. Timing is everything
  7. Embrace it
  8. Life Clock
  9. Get Serious with yourself first!
  10. Outside a big heart
  11. Be more concern
  12. My Faith is stronger than Fear
  13. From inside to outside
  14. Moving forward
  15. Tough times to touch times
  16. The journey of a startup entrepreneur
  17. Building the next generation
  18. Let’s have Faith In Something Huge
  19. The hardships won’t sink
  20. My success times
The Path for Hapiness
  1. Born again
  2.  I still love even when I feel pissed off!
  3. The power of words
  4. What is your real story
  5. Impact leadership
  6. Impact others
  7. Road map
  8. Gentle doesn’t mean stupid!
  9. Partner matters
  10. Family matters
  11. No age for Love
  12. Only the best
  13. Let's socialize
  14. The power of love
  15. The blessing
  16. Forgiveness is key
  17. Unconditional love!
  18. The truth will set us free
  19. Respectfully yours
  20. My happiness moments

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